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All charms are made of pewter and approximately 1/2" x 1/2".

Charms with ** may be purchased in a mix and match bundle of
144 charms for $36.00 ($.25 each)
Guidelines for the mix and match bundle are:
      1.  Must have at least 6 dozen goldtone.
                  2.  A minimum of 1 dozen per style is required.
                      3. Only those with a red asterick may be included

Ch211 Music Staff $2.00  
Ch211 Music Staff 6 for $8.00                    
  Ch36 Music Saxophone $2.00
Ch136 Music Saxophone 6 for $8.00
Ch104 Drama Acting Tragedy Masks $3.00  
Ch104 Drama Acting Tragedy Masks 6 for $10.50    
Ch6 Artist $3.00
Ch6 Artist 6 for $10.50 
Ch9 Dance Ballet $3.00            
Ch9 Dance Ballet 2 for $5.00                                            
Ch23 Music Piano $2.00
Ch23 Music Piano 6 for $7.50
          (3 Goldtone 3 Silvertone)
Ch20 Music Notes $2.00        
Ch20 Music Notes 24 for $8.00
Ch42 Music Saxophone Staff 144 for $24.50
Ch16 Music Stand $2.00**             
Ch16 Music Stand 24 for $8.00
         (12 Goldtone 12 Silvertone)
Ch75 Music Guitar $2.00
Ch75 Music Guitar 12 for $7.50
          (6 Goldtone 6 Silvertone)
Ch41 Music Bugle Coronet $2.00** 
Ch41 Music Bugle Coronet 24 for $8.00                    
         (12 Goldtone 12 Silvertone)
Ch70 Music French Horn $2.00
Ch70 Music French Horn 12 for $7.50
         (6 Goldtone 6 Silvertone)
Ch152 Music Fiddle Violin $2.00**            
Ch152 Music Fiddle Violin 24 for $8.00                    
Ch76 Music Fiddle Violin $2.00
Ch76 Music Fiddle Violin 6 for $8.00
          (3 Goldtone 3 Silvertone)
Ch65 Music Treble Clef** $2.00
Ch65 Music Treble Clef 12 for $8.00
(6 Goldtone 6 Silvertone)

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